subject.COM domains Published: 06.09.2021

Now, you can register also .COM domains at low price, via your user account.

subjectSecond version of Registrar.MK Published: 01.09.2020

Our aim is to fit the requirements of our current and new clients, so we developed a second upgraded version of Registrar.MK. This version offers better access to your domains.

subjectCloudFest 2019 Germany Published: 13.03.2019

.MK promoted at CloudFest in Germany by us- MARcom

subjectICANN 63 Barcelona Published: 01.10.2018

The 63th ICANN meeting was held in Barcelona. MK was represented by MARnet and us- MARcom

subjectCloudFest 2018 Germany Published: 13.03.2018

.MK promoted at CloudFest in Germany by us- MARcom

subjectICANN 58 Copenhagen Published: 21.03.2017

In Copenhagen was held ICANN 58 meeting. MK was represented by us- MARcom

subjectOnce again .MK promoted at an ICANN conference, ICANN 54 Dublin! Published: 25.10.2015

The 54th ICANN meeting was held in Dublin and you can say it was one of the most productive. This time Macedonia was represented by MARnet and us- MARcom

subject.MK promoted at the ICANN 50 London meeting! Published: 28.06.2014

The 50th ICANN meeting held in London was the largest ever with over 3500 participants such as registries, registrars, IT organizations, authorities etc.
Macedonia was represented by the Ministry of information society, MARnet and by us- MARcom. Many attendees expressed interest for .MK

subjectKick-off! Published: 14.03.2014

We begin to work as official registrar

subjectOfficial registrar! Published: 27.12.2013

Signed contract with MARnet and becoming the first and only official registrar for .mk domains

subjectControl panel released! Published: 01.09.2013

We have developed first generation of Registrar.MK to fit the new requirements set by the .MK TLD administrator