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ICANN 63 Barcelona
The 63th ICANN meeting held in Barcelona was visited by MARcom and MARnet ICANN 63 Barcelona
2018.10.20CloudFest 2018 Germany
Cloudfest 2018 meeting
2017.03.21ICANN 58 Copenhagen
ICANN 58 Copenhagen
2016.03.18Newsletter March
Sent for month March Newsletter 03/16
Our first Newsletter has been sent to our existing clients Newsletter 02/16
2015.10.22Once again .MK promoted at a ICANN conference, ICANN 54 Dublin!
The 54th ICANN meeting held in Dublin was very productive.
This time Macedonia was represented by MARnet and MARcom Registry.ICANN 54 Dublin
2014.06.28.MK promoted at the ICANN 50 London meeting!
The 50th ICANN meeting held in London was the largest ever with over 3500 participants from registries, registrars, IT organizations, authorities etc.
Macedonia was represented by the Ministry of information society, MARnet and MARcom Registry.
Many attendees shown interest on the .MK TLD
MARcom introduced the new .MK liberated Policy to over 20 international registrars

ICANN 50 London
2014.06.12New .MK Policy
New .MK policy in place. One of the changes is that there is no paperwork needed any more for registrations of new .mk domains.
For registration of new .mk domain only log in on the user account and order online
2014.04.18.MK re-registration statistics
For a better overview of the re-registration process we have collected and compiled the data. Statistic
2014.04.11New FREE useful tool for the public!
A .MK DNS check tool has been developed for any user to check the DNS status of any .MK domain. The user can also receive a URL of the output. Tools
2014.04.04.MK Form Generator released!
Due to high demand on applications and the paperwork required by MARnet, a form generator was developed to automatically fill in a correct .MK form. In most cases, the client ONLY need to fill the desired domain and all needed information will be pre-filled with the possibility to correct any data if needed. Then by a single click (red button) a form is generated in PDF format according to MARnets rules. The client can send us a simple notification by email ([email protected]), including the domain/s, link to the form or attach the PDF file for a quick check by us and to receive follow up information how to deliver the .MK form. Form Generator
We began to work as official registrar
2013.12.27Official registrar!
Signed contract with MARnet and becoming the only official registrar for .mk domains
2013.09.01New control panel released!
We have developed the next generation of Registrar.MK to fit the new requirements set by the .MK TLD administrator